Until now, many people who love dog as pets. Dog are considered as human companions can not be replaced. Many people say, the dog is very sensitive to what is around us. Dog know right about our feelings.

To adopt and maintain a dog, we need a special skill. Caring for a dog is not as easy as we think. We need a dog care guide. Someone who understands about how to care for a dog, must know well what to do. For example, to adopt a dog, we need a complete document. This is closely related to the laws in force in our region. With the complete document, we had obeyed the laws and regulations.

Besides that, we must fully understand the condition of our dogs. We must perform a routine check of our dogs at the veterinarian. This is required to maintain the health of our dogs at any time. To get the dog active and intelligent, then we must practice it. We can use a dog toys, which was made specifically. And do not forget, we also must often take our dog for a walk. This is needed to keep our dogs are not easily stressed.

For the food problem, we are also obliged to notice. Food is an important part of the same. There are so many dog food available. So, we must choose the right. Food hygiene and healthy of course very good for our dogs. A healthy dog will have a better performance and avoid the disease.