If you are someone who loves adventure on the mountain, you will need so much equipment and completeness. Yes, for those of you who enjoy hiking, equipment is one thing that must to be noticed. Equipment and fittings must be comfortable and safe when you are using. One of the things you are obliged to note is the boot. Boot are part of you that should not be underestimated. Boot are a very important part. Therefore, I encourage you to wear the right boot. You need a hiking boots, the boot that are specifically designed to deal with places steep.

Other than boot, perhaps you need a pair of binoculars. With binoculars, you can see the circumstances around which can not be reached by your eyes. Be said, binoculars can help you in the adventure. If you are adventurous in the mountains until a few days, do not forget to bring a tents. You can use the tent to rest. You can make the tent as a temporary resting place. You can rest a bit before doing the activity the next day.

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